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Compact Power

The leovince LV pro CARBON FIBER is the perfect combination between racing look and compactness. the lv pro slip on is the result of the leovince research for the best material and craftmanship. LV pro stainless steel sports a new aggressive and racing look with its "shark cut" end cap, which, combined with the small size, fully enhanches the aesthetics of your bike.

1,650 °F

High Resistance

The Power of Compactness

The CARBON FIBER sleeve makes the lv pro compact and decisive. the "shark cut" end cap design gives exclusive and dynamic touch to the entire structure.

Shark Cut

Leovince chose to make the end cap that characterises the lv pro in full carbon:

resistant to high temperatutes and shaped with a "shark cut" design, it combines performance and carbon fiber lightness with the distinctive Leovince Italian style.

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