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racing attitude

italian spirit and fighting soul. all combined with a DARK look. the leovince factory CARBON exhaust is the essence of leovince's research, which adapts the know-how developed in competition with each model to which the factory stainless steel is intended.


THE BODY IS COMPLETELY COVERED BY TWO COATS OF PRE-IMPREGNATED CARBON FIBER AND A STAINLESS STEEL MESH is placed beneath them to increase the resistance. even the end cap is entirely made of carbon fiber to enhance the lightweight performance of the leovince factory. 

in the dual muffler systems, the end cap geometry is specifically designed to determine the right and left versions, ensuring an exclusive look. inside the body, two fibreglass types and stainless steel mesh protect the outer surface from the exhaust gases with a resistance up to 900 degrees, always ensuring an optimal sound and longer duration  

full carbon

the bracket is entirely manufactured in carbon fiber, with variable sections and 5 different carbon coats which are pre-impregnated of high resistance and anti uv resins.

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