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Racing Attitude

Italian spirit and fighting soul. All combined with a titanium look. the leovince factory stainless steel exhaust is the essence of leovince's research, which adapts the know-how developed in competition with each model to which the factory stainless steel is intended.

Stainless Steel Passion

The factory body is totally made of ansi 304 stainless steel, with exterior sandblasting carried out with stainless steel grit to ensure a uniform and long lasting surface. 

Inside, high thermal resistance ( 900 degrees ) fibreglass wool is applied through the use of a single proprietary and volumised yarn, to allow the sound-absorbing material to expand freely, without compromise the fiber integrity, greatly increasing the durability. the end cap is entirely made of carbon fiber to enhance the lightweight performance of the factory. 

Carbon Bracket

The bracket is entirely designed in full carbon fiber, with variable sections and 5 different carbon coats which are pre-impregnated of high resistance and anti uv resins. 

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